Xyvid consists of an experienced team of longtime technologists. With a rich history in technology development, the core group of associates within Xyvid all have success in launching and growing technology companies – including David Kovalcik, the founder and CEO of multiple tech companies and one of the original owners of Computerware, Inc. (a firm that exceeded $200 million dollars in technology and solutions sales and then went public in the mid 1990s).

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Xyvid Pro Webcasting Services

Xyvid Pro is a premier webcasting services company that is born under the AV and Staging environment. Xyvid Pro was born out of the need to connect virtual audiences with a live presenter(s) in the most professional and engaging way possible. Webcasting services need to have a proper webcast platform, otherwise your virtual audience may leave feeling disconnected from the presentation and the content laid out for them. Do webcasting services right with the Xyvid Pro platform.

Video Production Services

The Xyvid video production team understands every need of your web broadcast meetings. We work with your internal departments to ensure your message is perfect and perfectly captured.

Virtual Event Production Services

Xyvid Pro was developed with an emphasis on the viewer experience. We want you to be able to deliver your message with the look and feel of an enhanced television broadcast.Beyond the Xyvid Pro software, we are dedicated to creating a webcast experience for your viewers that drives home the message you're conveying. Our experienced webcast production team and strategic partnerships ensures a detailed cohesive production strategy for your virtual event.